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  • 10 Tips on Planning a Wedding on a Budget
    By Chelsea Lensing While there is definitely a time-money trade-off for a lot of these tips, my goal was to plan our wedding with as much cost savings as possible. Although this did mean I spent a lot more time doing things myself, I enjoyed the planning and so it was a win-win! A lot of these tips can still be helpful if you don’t consider yourself a DIY-er if you have friends or family that enjoy these types of activities and are …
  • Where You are Keeping Your Money Matters
    Are you keeping your money in the wrong place? Your money is important, and so is where you’re keeping it. So, let’s talk tactical tips you can implement today to be sure you’re keeping your money in the right place. If you’re holding cash in a savings and also have a ton of debt, you’re making a mistake. For example, the average interest rate for a basic bank savings account is .06%. Let’s say you have $15k in that account just chillin there. …
  • What if You Were Fired Today?
    Working for someone else can give you steady income, but there’s always a chance that you could be let go. Instead of living in a state of fear about the “what if’s” of being fired, I want to help you live in a state of abundance. Picture yourself getting fired today. Yikes! This may be scary to think about but here’s the thing… this is the right time to think about it. I want you to plan for this situation from a place …
  • Get More Money on Your Paycheck Today
    Let’s talk about taxes. What?? Many people don’t like to talk about this topic – I used to be one of them. But turn up the volume cause we’re gonna get real! People get so excited about receiving a tax refund. Yay, free money! But guess what… it’s NOT free money the gov is giving you – it’s your money that they borrowed for free without so much as a  “thank you” or a “we appreciate your help.” Now, I’m all about paying …
  • Should I be Paying Off my Student Loans Right Now?
    Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Federal student loan rate has been changed to 0% until September 30, 2020. So, is now the best time to pay off your student loans? While this may be a great opportunity to pay toward your loans, it’s not necessarily the thing you should be focusing your money on right now. There is a common misconception that with the current rate of 0%, the loans are interest free — wrong. If your loan had already begun accruing …


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